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Soul River Inc. uplifts and strengthens communities by connecting inner city youth and veterans to the outdoors. When you make a purchase 15% of that is used to create incredible opportunities and powerful experiences that forges strong connections to between youth and veterans, their communities, and the natural world. Spending time embraced in currents of river water, trekking majestic forested trails, and witnessing a bald eagle or elk in its habitat is healing. Connecting with nature is a powerful outlet to reduce stress, find focus, sharpen self-awareness, embrace spirituality, and develop positive values beneficial to both the individual and community. Soul River unites youth and veterans on challenging yet rewarding adventures at zero cost where they become part of something bigger than themselves, developing into strong leaders in the outdoors and their communities.


 You can support our youth and veterans with your Soul River purchase.



Small change makes a big difference. 15% of your purchase goes to help fund Soul River Inc.’s outdoor programs benefiting youth and veterans. Beyond the large costs necessary to make these workshops, expeditions, and day trips possible that are generously donated by partners and supporters, there are often various necessity costs to consider. These include transportation rentals, fuel, food, and extra gear. To ensure these outings are provided at zero cost to participants, the 15% goes to fill the gaps, whether it be gassing up the vehicles or providing a warm jacket for a youth participant.

Our  Purpose

• Educating participants in conservation, fly fishing, fly tying, casting, entomology, practicing
• Providing a means to connect with nature off-the-grid on wild, scenic rivers
• Teaching outdoor leadership and critical life skills through the art of fly fishing
• Building relationships through mentorship opportunities and team building
• Establishing community between a veteran and a youth
• Participating in multi-day river expeditions that instill team-building opportunities
• Including parents in multi-day river expeditions and as basecamp advisors

Our Partners
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Thank you to OPB, US Fish and Wildlife, LOOP, City of Vancouver, Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and all the volunteers and
supporters who made tis outing happen. Filled with lasting memories mixed with changing lives. Thank You!



Its amazing when a father gets to take his daughter to enjoy the river together. This is what life is all about. Through the support of US FISH & WILDLIFE Soul River was able to provide fly rods to 100 youth at Celebration of Wild Steelhead on September 7th. Lillian was one of the youth who received her very own Soul River flyrod. She can now fish beside her dad along the river to make magical memories and gain a greater sense of what it means to be an ambassador to Mother Nature. With your Soul River purchase (‪ LOOP‬ rods and reels, Soul River apparel, or any other fine product sold in Soul River) 15% goes to Soul River Inc.

Community Strong – Soul River & Loop from Soul River on Vimeo.


madison from Soul River on Vimeo.

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