Sr Community Social

Sr Community Social – WINTER / URBAN FLY TYING!

Join us and learn the art of fly tying.  A mix of us will share various levels of fly tying. Some basic old school and modern techniques and dressing styles to give you a cool palette when tying your flies. This is for advance and beginner all ages. Community lead with good conversation and cool fish stories galore. Anglers of all skill levels are welcome. And if your looking to fill your box for the summer or winter bring it on! And be part of the community and share your flies. Lets collaborate, educate and pursue the art of fly tying together!


Steelhead, Trout


Bring your vise and tools

Bring your on materials/Kit

Beginner: Come sit and learn, asked questions or if interested to learn to tie on the spot! All you will need is a basic fly tying kit to get started and you can purchase @ River City fly shop for as low as 35.00 dollars.

* Get a discount at River City Flyshop

Password: Say “Soul River” To the cashier! And tell them your doing a fly tying session with the SR meetup.


If any questions please email:


Our Venue

This coffee house in Vanport Square specializes in freshly made Belgian waffles.
Yes, you read that right WAFFLES!

5261 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97211